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Liverpool to Little Falls, New York

As we left the hotel today, we were in a large group. Not good for negotiating through a busy town. I was able to separate from the big group so there were just two or three of us. Makes it easier for cyclists and motorists to get around each other.

Tucker Street! Alan had to stop to get a photo as that’s his last name. SoCal James and I were ruthless, we left him to fight his way back up to us after he got his picture.

Then I had to stop to take my pills, several folks passed me by. I was able to catch on with Roel and Dirk.

Later in the day, Roel, Dirk and I stopped at the second sag. While I wasn’t paying attention, they left! Alan was at the stop so he and I took off together. While we took turns “pulling,” he really did most of the work. At one point Alan mentioned the “Alabama boys” were catching up so we poured on the fuel so they wouldn’t pass us.

Then, just about two miles from the end, that left foot of mine started with the burning sensation. Alan was kind enough to pull over to give me a chance to give the foot a rest. We’d been there a while when I saw the “Alabama boys” coming. Come on, let’s go! And go we did. We beat them to the motel by a few seconds. They didn’t even know there’d been a race.

Fun day. Tomorrow there’s a good chance we’ll get rain.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I saw hills today. We’ve been in the flatlands for so long, I forgot how pretty the hills can be. I may regret saying that in a day or two when we’re climbing the steep ones we’ve been promised.

Spent the evening exploring the area around Little Falls.

Went thru Main St tunnel to get to the island and the lock.
Water on other side of this wall was above my head. Hope the dike doesn’t fail.
I was there!

Lock No. 17
View on other side of the canal.
Once a school, then a Masonic home, what next?
More unnamed wildflowers


female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

One thought on “Liverpool to Little Falls, New York

  1. Hi Nikki,
    You sound like you are in great shape and really enjoying your last days and your new friendships. I hope you sang “I have a mule her name is Sal, Fifteen Days on the Erie Canal!” at the canal.
    Almost done! How do you fell about finishing? WE feel so proud to say we know a woman who can cycle across the US and overwhelmingly proud to say we know one who didn’t let her MS stop her from undertaking the attempt! You are an inspiration! 💞Kathy

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