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In spite of the predictions, there was no rain today. It did start out overcast with low clouds obscuring hill tops and the Mohawk Valley. At some point, it looked and felt like we were riding right into a storm but the clouds lifted and we got some sunshine.

One of the riders got this pic of the Mohawk Valley. He went through at a different time than me.

Our first rest stop was at mile 35, Karen’s Produce and Ice Cream. What the name didn’t say was ‘pie.’ Hao bought a blueberry pie and had it transported to the motel. After dinner this evening, he shared it (big smile).

At mile 50, we entered a bike path which followed the Mohawk River. So nice to get off the roads for a few miles. We got off the path to meet at our second rest stop but not too long after that, we were back on the path.

Hooray for bike hike trails.
Mohawk River
Another lock, this one on the Mohawk River.

After the wonderful paths, riding into Latham wasn’t much fun. Rough roads, lots of traffic, having to fight for road position, yikes! Finished the 75 miles today with no hot foot. Maybe that’s my magic number for not getting the burning sensation.

A side note: many of the hotels/motels we’ve stayed at have leaking water problems…either a faucet drips or the toilet leaks. I just finished messing around with the toilet tank in this place. Maybe I’m more aware of this because we’ve just gone through a five year drought where we’ve had to be very careful about our water usage. I do let the staff know but I wonder how many of them follow up on the information.  Maybe I could create a job saving these places big bucks by making sure they fix these problems and spend less on water.  Each place we’ve stayed says they want to conserve water by asking the customers to use towels more than once but do they really???



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