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Paso Robles April 8, 2018

Today was cool but the sun was trying to peek through the clouds when I left my motel room to do the Hollyhock Hop. This ride is one that’s been on the Great Western Bicycle Rally’s list of rides for many years. It was one of the rides I did on my second Rally. 

It only took me 1 1/2 hours to do the 20 mile loop. Here are photos I stopped to take along the way.

There was a recliner on the side of the road. I almost stopped to get a picture of it for Ray P. but I didn’t.

Since I paid for the motel which has a hot tub, I took advantage of it before I checked out. It was nice to soak for 10 minutes before the long drive home.

Speaking of the drive home…I’ve come back from the Fresno area before and missed the exit off hwy 99 to get home so I asked my phone for help. The lady-in-the-phone kept trying to take me home on the roads that have been damaged from the recent storm. I ignored her many suggestions until I got to the road I’d taken to get onto hwy 99 the other day. I couldn’t remember the road after that so took her direction for awhile but started getting suspicious so pulled over and had a talk with her. Finally got back on track and got home!

BW was glad to see me. I think Dan was too (wink, wink).



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