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Stopped at the Stanislaus Groveland Ranger Station and noticed several trucks for various fire departments. After a quick stop to refill my water, I was on my way. Not too long after I got back onto the highway, the trucks started passing me.

When I arrived at Rim of the World, I saw the trucks again. As the men (yes, no women) walked by, I asked a few if they were there to honor Eva Marie. One said yes.  Eva Marie Schicke lost her life fighting a wildfire in the Stanislaus Forest. A portion of Hwy 120 is designated the Eva Marie Schicke Memorial Highway.

Trucks from Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Aptos La Selva, Cal Fire, and the National Forest.
Lecture before honoring fallen comrades.

I happened by this same location a year or so ago when the fighters were there again to honor the men and women who gave their lives fighting wildfires. 

From Rim of the World:

Looking toward the high country
Facing north
The river we didn’t used to see. The Rim Fire in 2013 opened up views.

Leaving Rim of the World, I returned to the ranger station. Who should I see but Bob, the same Bob that rode with me a couple days ago! 

A couple stops on Ferretti Road resulted in more photos:

No special filter but this looks “soft”
Sunshine in the woods
Trees, trees and more trees

Before I got home, a car with a bike on the back came toward me. It was Dwight! Not a good place to stop so a quick greeting was all we could share.

Instead of getting warmer as the day went on, the temperature dropped, the wind came up and the sky started getting darker. After I got back to the house, we actually had a few drops of rain.



female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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