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The Glacier

Sunday, June 10

Woke up anticipating the visit to Tracy Arm Fjord and Glacier. The area is spectacular.  The mountains remind me of Yosemite. Aha! The area is nicknamed Little Yosemite according to the info received from the cruiseline. Granite with greenery and lots of waterfalls were what we saw.. As we got closer to the glacier, the ice flows got heavier. I was disappointed we did not get very close to the glacier and did not see any calving. Very disappointed as this was the main reason I wanted to come on the cruise. 

The ice field begins
Tracy Arm Glacier in the distance
Using camera zoom, got this “close up” of the glacier
Some of the waterfalls

We did sign up for a wine tasting class which was this afternoon. Guess I’m not really that interested because there was lots of information provided along with five different wines. Meh.

Wine menu – my favorite was the Chianti. Dan preferred the Cab.

Down time again until dinner. I’m beginning to wonder why people are so enamoured of cruises.

We signed up for a special dinner at the Crab Shack. “Special dinner” means you pay extra for it. Dan is the Crab lover so I hope it meets his expectations.  (It did and I even got dirty wrestling with crab legs.)

The entertainment at night is very good. Enjoyed a singer and a comedian this evening. That’s a plus for the cruise.



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