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Monday, June 11

The largest in land area and the first town in Alaska settled by the Russians. Of course, the Tlingit had been here for thousands of years before the Russians showed up. We were only given half a day to explore the area. Took a bus into town which would have been a five mile walk. This really is a large town, all the others have been about one mile from end to end.

Waiting for the bus

Dan wanted to sit in an Alaskan bar and order a beer. So we found one but couldn’t stand the smoke. We went to another which also was a restaurant where there was no smoking. I’m guessing the rules here are smoking allowed in bars but not in restaurants. Then he ordered a gin and tonic. (Has to try to stick to the “no bread” diet as much as he can – wink, wink).  Turns out our bar mate was another passenger from our cruise.

There was a bar here. That counts.

We stopped at a fur store. Wow! They are sooo soft. Thought about getting the dolls dressed up in native attire for grandkids but don’t think they are old enough to appreciate them. Maybe next time.

Stopping at St. Michael’s Cathedral was almost a requirement. It is the first church built in town, Russian Orthodox.

Although it was small inside, it was VERY ornate.

Got some photos of the Alaska Pioneers Home with statue of prospector out front.

The Alaska Pioneers Home
The Prospector

Then we headed for the other end of town and enjoyed the “sea walk” which took us along the harbor where we heard song birds and saw some interesting flowers.

Enjoying walk by the sound.

At the end of the walk was the Sitka Sound Science Center. Not sound as in hearing but sound as in a harbor. I had to have that explained to me. Doh!

We visited Sitka National Historical Park with its totem poles and museum.

Other visitors were by the pole which provides good perspective on its size.
Photo of the Tlingit native to the area.

I was attacked by a bear in the downtown area!



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