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Next Adventure…

Saturday, July 28, 2018                                   Mt. Vernon to Seneca

42.8 miles
12.2 average
3 hrs  30 min riding rime

Yesterday’s nap and two cups of iced tea (which were SOOO good) messed up my night. Although I paid for a tent site ($10) in the shade, it was still hot when I climbed inside to sleep. So, I took a walk around the camp grounds. Found a path which led to the stream/creek/river nearby. As I sat there with my thoughts, I watched the moon peeking through the leaves on the trees. Peaceful and (mostly) quiet.

Eventually I went to the tent and tried to set myself up so I could (and would) add layers if I got colder. Turns out, it was a fairly warm night/early morning so I was fine in my nightie with a light blanket and light sleeping bag. Got an ok rest.

Got myself fed, packed and on the road by 7:05 this morning. Short mileage today but the shower truck closes at 2 and the staff wants to be done by then also so they can head home. No dawdling today.

Healthy trees. 🙂
Burned trees. 😦

Not only was the rider shorter, it was easier up to the one rest stop. I jumped on with three guys who pulled me through the headwind section. Got to the rest stop and Steve, Don, Mary Lou and John were there.  Steve and I rode the last 17 miles to the end of the ride together. Once we got to Seneca, we sat around with other riders, Mark and Erica, re-hydrating, then Gordon came by. Steve had suggested a Coke and chocolate milk concoction but neither was available.  I still haven’t given that a try.

This is the guy who suggested Coke and chocolate milk. In his favor, he does like tater tots.

I invited Mark and Erica to come fly in to PML and stay with us. He pilots a 182. Keeps it in Livermore. They live in Dublin.

It was so nice to sit and relax after an easy ride. Got my shower, loaded stuff into car and bike on back. As I was leaving, I saw Steve, Mark and Erica so asked which way to John Day, left or right?  Heading up the road, I found myself back in Mt. Vernon so stopped to get a photo of the Post Office.

Realized the Silver Spur Café (see July 27) was across the street so decided to go there for lunch. Steve stopped in too so we had lunch together.  

Those wonderful tater tots.

Since he knew I’d been a bit confused on which way to head for John Day, he said, “Follow me.” Turns out he goes all the way to Kennewick to get home so I followed him there. He went on and I tried to find room at a Best Western. No luck.

I ended up in Umatilla at the Inn.  Finished up the day at a laundromat and grocery store. Have clean clothes and something to eat for dinner. All the eating places nearby were closed by the time I was ready to get dinner so I ate a hodgepodge from the grocery store.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

I think I have a few new “forever” friends.

Tomorrow starts the next phase of my vacation: Spokane to see my Uncle Paul and family!

BRNW is going to re-do the Montana ride that Don, Wendy, John, Mary Lou and I did with them in 2013:

  • Missoula to Darby
  • Darby up Chief Joseph Pass and beyond Big Hole Battleground to Jackson
  • Jackson to Wise River
  • Wise River to Philipsburg
  • Lay over with optional ride
  • Philipsburg to Ovando
  • Ovando to Missoula

It is not an easy ride but it is pretty. I am seriously considering this one.



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