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Lassen Motorcycle Ride

Oct 1 – Lodge at Nakoma, Clio, CA

Five motorcycles, six riders, left Groveland and headed for Clio. (John R., Kim R., Wayne A., Jack D., Dan and Nikki) After going through Jamestown, we got onto Hwy 49 and headed north and then north again on Hwy 89. We then worked our way to the Lodge at Nakoma.  Turns out this place has a golf course and lots of other stuff to keep one occupied. It was high quality.  We went to dinner at their restaurant.  Food was good, restaurant was ‘fine dining.’ Nice.

Clio Post Office
Lodge at Nakoma restaurantO

Oct 2 – Green Gables Motel, Burney, CA

We continued through Plumas Nat’l Forest on Hwy 70, then Hwy 89 into Lassen Volcanic Nat’l Park. Stopped at visitor’s center before continuing through the park to see some of the volcanic activity along the way.

Twisted trunk
Cloudy day but still beautiful views
Clouds did hide some of the mountain tops
Wayne, Jack, Kim, John, Dan
Volcanic art

We rode up to Burney Falls.  Beautiful area.  It would’ve been nice to spend more time there but we went on to our final destination for the day.  Very different accommodations compared to Clio.  Clean.

Strange box found in Downieville

Waterfall lesson
Burney Falls
More to the story “behind the falls”

In Burney, several of us went across the street from the motel to the Veterans Club. Got a few stories from the veterans that were there. Friendly.

Dinner was ok but definitely not the same quality and atmosphere as the previous night.

Oct 3 – home

Looking at the weather forecast, it was decided we would NOT continue to South Lake Tahoe as originally planned.  Gave up our deposit for the room and headed for home.  The whole group stopped in Chico so Dan could take his bike to the BMW shop there.  While he got some work done on the bike, the rest of the us walked over to a fast food place for breakfast.

While Dan and Nikki waited for the BMW, the rest of the group headed for home.  Dan went zipping down the road trying to catch them.  It turned out, we missed the others when they stopped for fuel and they missed us when we stopped for fuel.  Not knowing where they were, Dan decided to stop for lunch at Lagorio’s in Farmington.  As we were waiting for our food, in popped Wayne and Jack.  A quick hello, use of the john, and they were off.  After we finished our meal, we hopped back on the bike and took off again.  Dan caught them on Hwy 120 near the Roberts bridge.  Since we all made it back to Groveland together, and it wasn’t raining yet, the next stop was the Iron Door for an end of the ride celebratory drink.

Everyone made it home with just a little bit of rain along the way.  It was good we didn’t try for South Lake Tahoe as the ride home the next day would have been wet and cold.



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