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Oh No! Chris!

Just looking back to Day 7 where I rode from Baker City to Ontario, Oregon. We had 2088′ of elevation gain that day. 3365′ elevation loss. Distance was 84 miles. Took me six hours to complete the ride.

Today I rode from Mauston to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Elevation gain was 2407′. Elevation loss was 2477′. Distance was 96 miles. Time to complete ride was six hours. Today I had help from my riding partners. I’m sure my time would’ve been slower had I been out there alone. However, I am able to hold my own most of the time.

Another of our riders was injured today. Chris hit a large rock in the road and went down. Broken clavicle, ribs and punctured lung. He and wife Penny will be rejoining us in Niagara. Not sure if Penny will continue the ride or not at this point.

I started today’s ride in a large group but, after a while, it was Beer Alan, Marty S. and me. We do well together. At some point Texas Marty joined us and then later, Hao. Must be something to that beer Alan has each day, he is strong and does long pulls (on the bike). With each of us taking turns at the front of the line, we made really good time.

Our first rest stop was in town of Montello next to a beautiful park, the Dagget Memorial Park. 

Info on the granite and the people.
Falls I could see from the section of the park we were in.
Little church that played various hymns

When we entered Princeton, we were looking for the Brat Fry we’d been told about last night. As we went by a couple, Marty hollered out, “Where’re the brats?” They immediately responded, “Keep going, on your right.” Small town, love it!  We found them and had some.

I know they were the best in the state, just read the sign!
Hooray for the American Legion!

One of the workers at the bratfest told us the town of Ripon is the birthplace of the Republican Party and to look for the museum there. Since I didn’t have time to go in, I’ll have to do some online searching for more info on this.

School house museum


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