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Fond du Lac to Manitowoc

Only 62 miles today. Went by quick! We stopped to see the lighthouse in Fond du Lac. The landscaping was beautiful in the park surrounding the lighthouse as well as at the lighthouse itself.

Lighthouse on Lake Winnebago

Most of today’s ride was on nice roads with a tailwind. The last 10 miles were into the wind but we were almost there so just powered through it.

Beer Alan was feeling good today and rode off the front. Marty S., Hao and I worked together to get to the first rest stop…and there was Alan. He’d missed a couple turns so got there at the same time we did. Of course we gave him a bad time about leaving the group and getting lost.

Alan and I went across the street to use the rest room and get something to eat and drink other than the usual offerings. When we got back to the sag stop, Marty and Hao had left! With Alan pulling most of the way, we did the last 25 miles. Yes, I did pull but we sure went faster when Alan was in front.

We got to Manitowoc while the sky was still blue with puffy clouds. I actually got in early enough to help with unloading of the luggage from the trailer into the motel.

Quick run to Wendy’s for a salad and two small Frostys. Two for the price of one…I think I burned enough calories.

Chris and Penny showed up this evening. Chris looks good considering his injuries. Smile on his face. He looked pleased to be back with us. Penny will continue the ride – yay!

There were a few rain squalls this afternoon/evening but tomorrow should be OK for crossing Lake Michigan.



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