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Into Canada

The day started early. Breakfast at 5:30. Load at 6:15. Bikes ready and lined up at 6:30. We were a parade as we made our way to the bridge. Getting across was easy but we had to check in with the Canadians once we got to the other side. 

The parade crossing the span.

After checking all our passports, they did a group photo and sent us on our way. 

We’re in!

This was the first family I saw after entering the country. They sure were cute.

There were some other interesting sites. This reminds me of the VW bug on eight legs in Nevada. Random things one does with old equipment.

The roads were rough and the wind relentless but I still saw some pretty things along the way. Most everyone keeps their HUGE yards immaculate. They must each have their own riding lawnmower. I don’t know how they could keep up without one.

Saw these in Michigan too. Don’t know what kind of bush this is. Found out it’s Sumac.
A thistle of some sort?
Little yellow wildflowers
One of the many interesting old churches we passed.
Mother nature sharing her beauty

84 miles at 12.8mph average. Tomorrow is a shorter day but we will probably be facing the same winds…sigh



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